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    This is not school. This is the engaging design studio working with real clients and coaches that actually work in the field of design. We focus on creating value for the world, with a strong heart for lasting sustainability, life-changing health care solutions, and relevant social innovations that include the society.


    Our student rate our program with an overall grade of 8.9 and shared pages full of feedback, enabling us to create an even better program next year. We will work on a program to envy, and you can be part of it. Just a selection of what our students shared with us: 

    To me, the strength of the program is in the people choosing the program: you're not lazy if you sign up for something that warns you for a 40h+ workweek (although I took that with a grain of salt, shouldn't have done that). And the coaches; they all know what they're talking about. They all have different areas of expertise so there is always somebody you can relate to.

    Rianne Schaekens, Avans, Communication and Multimedia Design

    I felt very engaged. I've never put this much time, energy and effort in school while still enjoying it. I think that's a good sign.

    Aftaab Elahi, Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen, Industrial Product Design

    The involvement of real clients and coaches (so much more motivating and credible), having a studio, the variety of projects, the students, the vibes, the freedom, the time to have fun and drinks.

    Matthijs van Son, Avans, Communication and Multimedia Design

  • Our program: 19 weeks 40h+

    This program is offered to you by the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool Utrecht). It's a 19-weeks rollercoaster with over 40h of workload per week starting every fall.


    In 6 Workshop Weeks, you’ll build experience and expertise on involving your users and creating engaging concepts. In our 3 Design Projects, you’ll really get to work on a current case for one of our clients. During everything you do, our Coaches (meet them below!) will guide you through to make sure this will be one of the best programs you’ll ever experience.

    Design Projects

    Our design projects are always for a real client, it is always a real case, and there is always urgency. This means that the client is highly involved and your output will be used directly after - if not during - the process. 


    Last year, we worked for Arriva, Adelante health care centres, Municipality of Utrecht, Albert Heijn, and many others. 


    We offer three design projects;

    - The first (4 weeks) aiming to guide you through step-by-step. Lectures and direct feedback are offered throughout. 

    - The second (3 weeks) aiming to help you be self-directed. Coaches are working with your team, some lectures are offered. 

    - The final (6 weeks), where you are in charge and the coach is ín your team. 

    Workshop Weeks

    In workshop weeks, we offer you the opportunity to work with our coaches on a more direct and personal level. Three of our weeks are aiming to help you explore your professional and personal identity: Exploration Weeks. Three are designed to introduce specific tools or methods: Tools Weeks. 


    One of our most vibrant examples of the Exploration weeks is the Week of the Bedside Table (Week van het Nachtkastje), where you have the opportunity to do anything you want for a week. One of the most vibrant examples of the Tools weeks is the Dedication Week, where you can choose one of the many coaches from our program and work with him/her for a week in a more intimate setting. 


    Professional Awareness

    More and more, we allow personal development to be part of our program. We offer Life Coaches (helping to articulate the professional growth as shown in your design processes), Outdoor sessions (to break through stressful moments), assessments via Exhibitions (showing your identity, using the output from workshop weeks as material), and a portfolio as one of the signature deliverables (showing your quality as a designer rather than a set of objects/services).  


    That is why we incorporate so many coaches from the work field, for they know what is needed in order to become a stronger professional in the field of design. 

  • online presence / more information

    We are connected, please find related pages for enrolment or more information about our partners below.

    Information about enrolment

    For exchange Students:

    Visit the website of the HU International Office or our Co-Design Studio page on it.


    For Dutch students other than from Hogeschool Utrecht:

    Visit Kies Op Maat or jump directly to our page on it. (page under construction)


    For students studying at Hogeschool Utrecht:

    Website of HU minors or our page on this site. (page temporarily unavailable)

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